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As part of the New Part L Building Regulations which has come into effect in April 2006, air pressure leakage testing will become mandatory for all constructions including dwellings.

EcoConsulting can advise the design team on identifying zones requiring protection, designing an air tight envelope, and ensuring that adequate air-tightness provision is included in the specifications and tender documents.


> Building Regulations - Part L - Approved Documents 2006



  Air pressure testing will improve buildings standards by identifying unacceptable leakage areas, which reduce the energy efficiency of buildings. As remedial work is extremely costly in these areas, proper attention to air tightness standards during design and construction is becoming ever more important.

EcoConsulting can advise the design team on which issues need to be properly addressed on a case-by-case basis. We can also assist the project manager or developer in understanding the requirements of an air-tight home and therefore ensure trouble-free compliance with this new and construction-changing legislation.

> TAS / SBEM Calculations

> NHER & SAP Energy Ratings

Did you Know?



The air leakage index is cubic metres of air per hour per square metre of building envelope; usually calculated for an artificially induced pressure difference of 50 Pa across the building envelope.


 The following values give an indication of a building's air-tightness:

Leaky --> 15 m3/h per m2
Average --> 10 m3/h per m2
Tight --> 3 m3/h per m2


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