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Launched in 1990, BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is one of the most widespread and comprehensive assessments that recognizes superior environmental performance of buildings through a scale rating.


BREEAM is regarded as best practice in environmental design and management within the UK construction and property sectors.


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A developer's

guide to Environmentally Smart Buildings

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BRE Rating Methodology

BREEAM rating methodology is straightforward and flexible, and encompasses a large range of environmental issues within one assessment.

Assessment’s results are presented in a very simple way allowing easy benchmarking: a certificate with a rating on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, or Outstanding (available in BREEAM 2008) is awarded, and are used to promote the building.

BREEAM covers a range of building types, new or existing (see box). Non-standard building types, such as leisure centers or laboratories, are assessed with a BREEAM Bespoke version.


BREEAM 2008 has a number of important changes from previous BREEAM versions.
• “Outstanding”, a new level above “Excellent” has been added and is meant to recognize exemplar buildings
• A Post-Construction Review (PCR) is mandatory for all Design assessments: a certificate will only be issued upon submission of the PCR Report.

Mandatory requirements for “Very Good”, “Excellent”, and “Outstanding” ratings



Certification Modules (BREEAM Offices 2003, 2005, 2006)
BREEAM for Offices integrates four different modules:
• Design and Procurement (D&P) --for new offices
• Management and Operations (M&O) --for occupied offices
• Post-Construction Review

D&P and M&O assessments always involve a core performance evaluation.

How EcoConsulting can Help
In order to achieve the highest possible rating at the lowest capital cost, BRE recommends high involvement of an assessor from the earliest design stage, particularly for the first few BREEAM projects of a developer.

EcoConsulting offers the following BREEAM services:
• Pre-Assessment advice with our in-house BREEAM Strategic Report
• Holistic approach on integrating best practice and cost-effective solutions into design
• BREEAM certifications

For more information about conducting a BREEAM assessment, or on detailed advice on how to achieve the best rating or develop a corporate energy policy, please contact us.

> BREEAM & EcoHomes In Brief



      > BREEAM Bespoke UK

      > BREEAM International

      > BREEAM Offices & BREEAM Industrial

      > BREEAM Schools, BREEAM Education, & BREEAM Further Education

      > BREEAM Europe

      > BREEAM Gulf

      > BREEAM Retail

      > Energy and Carbon Calculations for:

                            - BREEAM credit “Reduction of CO2 Emissions”: Energy (E1)

                            -  Part L2A Criterion 1 “Acceptable Building Emission Rate”

                            -  Part L2A Criterion 2 “Limits on Design Flexibility”

     > Summer-Overheating Calculations for:

            - BREEAM credit “Thermal Comfort”: Health & Wellbeing (HW14)

           -  Part L2A Criterion 3 “Summer-overheating”

           > 3D Daylighting Simulations for BREEAM Health & Wellbeing (HW1)

     > Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors (Level 3, 4, and 5)

     > Energy Performance Certificates (Level 3, 4, and 5)


> EcoHomes

> Code for Sustainable Homes

      NHER SAP assessments for EcoHomes & the Code


> BRE Certification Benefits


Currently, around
25% of new office buildings in the UK have achieved a BREEAM rating
(BRE, 2003).

     BREEAM Credit 


1. Air & Water pollution
2. Ecology & Land use
3. Energy use
4. Health & Well-being
5. Management
6. Materials
7. Transport
8. Water consumption

BREEAM Coverage

- BREEAM Offices
- Homes (Code

BREEAM Schools

- BREEAM Industrial
- BREEAM Bespoke

- BREEAM Further


- BREEAM International


- BREEAM Europe

Did you Know?

A considerable number of the BREEAM Management & Operations credits can be earned through a good and functional corporate environmental policy.


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