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The BRE has launched at the beginning of 2009 the BREEAM Gulf scheme, based on the UK BREEAM assessment method and customised to the climate and other sustainability challenges of the Gulf region.


EcoConsulting is fully licensed to conduct and advise on BREEAM Gulf assessments. From our regional office based in Beirut, Lebanon, we have a continuous presence in the Middle-East; our consultants are fluent in Arabic and knowledgeable about the local context and work culture.



BREEAM in the Gulf

Construction has been booming in the Gulf, having a significant impact on the local environment. At the same time, governments and people across the region are realising the importance of a more sustainable approach towards growth.  


The BRE has developed the BREEAM Gulf scheme in consultation with local governments in the Gulf, and tailored its well-known BREEAM sustainability rating methodology to take into account the local climate, available resources, and the opportunities and constraints of the region.


This new green building assessment scheme helps designers and developers evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their design, through the standard BREEAM nine credit groups (c.f. right). 


A majority of developments in the Gulf are mixed-used projects. BREEAM Gulf (unlike BREEAM in the UK) encompasses all of the different use of spaces within a building such as retail, residential, and commercial spaces under a single scheme. The score produced by the assessment covers each building within the same site.

BREEAM Gulf is adapted to and can be used in any of the following countries:

• Bahrain

• Kuwait
• Oman

• Qatar

• Saudi Arabia

• United Arab Emirates


Assessment Phases
The BREEAM Gulf assessment is a two stage process; the “Design Stage” and the “Post Construction Review”. The “Design Stage” evaluates the design of the buildings alone, resulting in a design interim certificate. The final BREEAM Gulf certificate is issued after the completion of the mandatory “Final Post Construction Review”.

BREEAM Gulf Rating score

The assessment produces a percentage score, based on the extent of required eco-friendly and sustainable measures incorporated into the project's specifications and construction . The score is then translated into a Star point system -- similar to the quality star system recognized in the Hotel industry. The Star rating goes from 1 to 5 with 5 stars representing the highest environmental performance.

     *        ≥30%
     **       ≥45%
     ***     ≥55%
     ****    ≥70%
     *****  ≥85%

How EcoConsulting can Help
In order to achieve the highest possible rating at the lowest capital cost, BRE recommends high involvement of an assessor from the earliest design stage, particularly for the first few BREEAM projects of a developer.


EcoConsulting is currently expanding in the Middle-East, with a continuous presence in the area from our regional office in Beirut, Lebanon. We employ highly qualified consultants with the necessary language skills and a strong knowledge of the local climate, culture, and construction practices.

EcoConsulting offers the following BREEAM services:
• Pre-Assessment advice with our in-house BREEAM Strategic Report
• Holistic approach on integrating best practice and cost-effective solutions into design
• BREEAM certifications

For more information about conducting a BREEAM assessment, or on detailed advice on how to achieve the desired rating, please contact us.

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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


Buckminster Fuller -- Philosopher (1895 - 1983)



Credit Groups

1. Management

2. Health & Well-being

3. Energy

4. Transport

5. Water

6. Land Use & Ecology

7. Materials

8. Waste


9. Pollution



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