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EcoConsulting is a licensed Code for Sustainable Homes EcoHomes, BREEAM Bespoke, BREEAM Offices, BREEAM Schools, BREEAM Industrial, BREEAM International, BREEAM Europe, BREEAM Gulf, and BREEAM Retail assessor, and offers a service of rating on behalf of BRE for new or renovated constructions across the UK and internationally.


EcoConsulting advises on achieving “Excellent” and "Outstanding" ratings.




BREEAM and EcoHomes are two independent sustainability evaluation methods, respectively for commercial buildings and homes, developed and monitored by BRE (Building Research Establishment Ltd.) in the UK. The new Code for Sustainable Homes has been launched in April 2007 and will gradually replace EcoHomes assessments of residential houses in the UK.

The BRE has also recently launched the BREEAM International, BREEAM Europe, and BREEAM Gulf schemes to cover international markets. EcoConsulting is licensed to provide BREEAM International / Europe / Gulf assessments, and employs consultants mastering a range of languages, including Arabic, French, Greek, Italian, and Spanish. We are currently expanding in the Middle-East, with a continuous presence in the area from our regional office in Beirut, Lebanon.

BRE sustainability ratings—on a scale of “Pass” to “Outstanding” (a new category above “Excellent” available in the BREEAM 2008 versions)—enable owners or occupants to gain recognition for their building’s environmental performance. A good BRE rating facilitates planning permissions by demonstrating sustainability credentials to relevant authorities, and increases the construction’s real-estate value. BRE certification has been associated with a variety of benefits: environmental, social, and financial.

EcoConsulting specializes in offering cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmental-friendly measures to the construction industry, and as such, is in an advantageous position to advise on achieving “Excellent” and "Outstanding" ratings. BREEAM, EcoHomes, and the Code for Sustainable Homes assessments are provided on their own or with an eco-building consulting project.

We have already worked on over 100 BREEAM, EcoHomes, and Code assessments. Some of our clients have, from their own initiative, set up exclusivity contracts with us and others  recommend us to colleagues.


      > BREEAM Bespoke UK

      > BREEAM International

      > BREEAM Offices & BREEAM Industrial

      > BREEAM Schools, BREEAM Education, & BREEAM Further Education

      > BREEAM Europe

      > BREEAM Gulf

      > BREEAM Retail

      > Energy and Carbon Calculations for:

                            - BREEAM credit “Reduction of CO2 Emissions”: Energy (E1)

                            -  Part L2A Criterion 1 “Acceptable Building Emission Rate”

                            -  Part L2A Criterion 2 “Limits on Design Flexibility”

     > Summer-Overheating Calculations for:

            - BREEAM credit “Thermal Comfort”: Health & Wellbeing (HW14)

           -  Part L2A Criterion 3 “Summer-overheating”

           > 3D Daylighting Simulations for BREEAM Health & Wellbeing (HW1)

     > Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors (Level 3, 4, and 5)

     > Energy Performance Certificates (Level 3, 4, and 5)


> EcoHomes

> Code for Sustainable Homes

      NHER SAP assessments for EcoHomes & the Code


> BRE Certification Benefits



People in the UK spend on average around 90% of their time in buildings, or within the built environment. The quality of environments within buildings can impact on health, quality of life, and productivity.





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