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The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched on April 10th, 2007 and is gradually replacing EcoHomes assessments and sustainability certifications of residential properties in the UK. 


Unlike EcoHomes, the Code contains minimum mandatory sustainability standards that have to be met before even the lowest level of the Code can be achieved.


Code for Sustainable Homes Leaflet



An introduction to the new Code for Sustainable Homes

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) has developed the Code for Sustainable Homes (Code) in conjunction with the BRE as a further continuation and improvement on the existing and well-known EcoHomes scheme.


All new developments will be registered under the Code* which remains similar to EcoHomes with many credits kept the same or with only slight modifications.


* in some select circumstances, developments might qualify to be registered under the old EcoHomes 2006 scheme. Please contact us for more information.


The Code Star Scoring System

Developments will get a score from 1 to 6 stars depending on the level of performance overall and within select credits. A six star rating will be awarded to carbon neutral homes that would additionally incorporate substantial eco-friendly features, such as rainwater harvesting systems.


Code Level

 EcoHomes Equivalence

Level 1    л


Level 2  лл GOOD
Level 3  ллл VERY GOOD
Level 4  лллл EXCELLENT
Level 5  ллллл ---
Level 6  лллллл ---



Nine Credit Categories

1. Energy/CO2
2. Water
3. Materials
4. Surface Water Run-off
5. Waste
6. Pollution
7. Health and well-being
8. Management
9. Ecology


Code Highlights - Main Differences from EcoHomes

1. Compulsory requirements will have to be met for all developments in

    order  to achieve even the lowest Code Level 1.
2. For each Code Level, variable minimum thresholds will need to be

    achieved in terms of energy (CO2 emissions) and internal water

3. Post Construction Review on-site audits and assessments have

    become compulsory, to ensure Code-related design specifications are

    incorporated into the buildings.
4. Code assessments will be carried out at the individual dwelling level,

    instead of the full development and one Code Certificate per dwelling

    will be issued.


How EcoConsulting can Help


In order to achieve the highest possible rating at the lowest capital cost, BRE recommends high involvement of an assessor from the earliest design stage, particularly for the first few projects of a developer under the Code.


EcoConsulting offers the following Code for Sustainable Homes services:


     • Code pre-assessment and pre-planning sustainability report
     • Pre-certification advice on achieving a specific Star Level
NHER-certified SAP assessments needed to assess Ene1 (Dwelling Emission

       Rate) and Ene2 (Building Envelope) energy credits

     • Day-lighting Calculations and advice on achieving Hea1 (Daylighting) credits
     • Holistic approach on integrating best practice and cost-effective solutions into

     • Code final assessment and certification

For more information about conducting a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment, or on detailed advice on how to achieve the best rating, please contact us.





The Code for Sustainable Homes Seminar



"The Code will provide valuable information to home buyers, and offer builders a tool with which to differentiate themselves in sustainability terms."


"The Code is a flexible framework that enables developers to demonstrate the sustainability of new homes. For consumers the Code is a mark of quality, giving them information they can trust."

 Department for Communities and Local Government



Did you know?

A Code Level 3 will become a standard requirement from the Housing Corporation as a funding condition for affordable housing projects.

In addition, planning authorities may also ask for a minimum Code Level 3 as part of the planning condition.

A Code Level 3 will require at a minimum a a 25% improvement in the Dwellings Emissions Rate over the Target Emissions Rate, along with very efficient water devices.

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