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EcoConsulting organizes conferences and courses, and can create bespoke workshops for your organization, customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Subjects range from broad high-level  issues such as new building regulations' requirements or eco-building principles to specific topics such as new eco-friendly products or technologies.

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"SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Training"

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Lebanon, 2018




Ongoing Seminars, Training, and Conferences


SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Program

SwitchMed is a European initiative which aim is to scale-up social & eco-innovations in the Mediterranean. The programme in managed by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) in Barcelona and is funded by the European Commission/European Union. EcoConsulting has been selected, along with ProQuale firm, as the local trainers and mentors of SwitchMed, for its Green Entrepreneurs program.
The goal of the SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurs Training Programme is to assist potential eco-entrepreneurs in launching new businesses in a very practical way. EcoConsulting is administering a series of workshops in this direction. Interested? Please CONTACT US.


Eco-Building, Eco-Design, Biomimicry, & LEED Green Associate Seminars, Beirut, Lebanon

Following successful trainings and conferences in the UK, EcoConsulting has launched since 2010 a bi-annual series of Eco-Building seminars in Lebanon, that can be taken either individually or as a complete series. All 8 Seminars will enable a solid understanding of sustainable buildings and help train for the LEED Green Associate (GA) accreditation.

Contact us for more information about the next scheduled series of seminars.



Previous Seminars, Training, and Conferences


Towards a Green Society in Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon, November 2018

EcoConsulting participated in organizing, selecting, coaching the presenters and moderating an event entitled “Towards a Green Society in Lebanon?” on behalf of the European Union, in the presence of EU Ambassador Christina Lassen.

A series of inspirational ideas were presented through seven successful initiatives by Lebanese individuals, social enterprises, companies, municipalities, NGOs and academics who are passionate about protecting the environment and coming up with solutions to the challenge of solid waste.

The initiatives were Compost Baladi for the Environmental Entrepreneurship & Municipality Work category; ECOSERV for the NGO category; Marc Beyrouthy & USEK Green Committee for the Academic & Awareness category; FabricAID for the Social Entrepreneurship category; the AUB Neighbourhood Initiative for the Neighbourhood & Partnership category; Golden Glass for the Corporate category; and NK by Nour Kays for the Eco-Citizenship category, while EcoConsulting supported the organization of the presentations.

Click here for a video and more about this event!


Build it Green Lebanon 8, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2017

For the 8th consecutive year, e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team organized its annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” with a focus on Health in our Cities.
We extended the interactive "Workshops with Green Buildings Experts" format launched in 2016,  engaging all delegates in a highly interactive manner. Additionally, a morning panel was held on Air Pollution, and an afternoon panel focused on many initiatives currently happening for environmental education & healthier schools, with different institutions and NGOs.
Click here for more information and to learn about the outcomes of your favourite workshops!


Build it Green Lebanon 7, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2016

For the 7th consecutive year, e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team organized its annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” conference on March 16th, 2016, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

In 2016 we have introduced a new interactive format, the "Workshops with Green Buildings Experts", in order to engage all Delegates in a highly participative way and collaborate together in building more sustainable Lebanese cities.
The workshops addressed contemporary Green Buildings topics through roundtable discussions: each topic being led by an expert, with each Delegate having the choice to rotationally join 3 of the debated themes.

Click here for more information and to learn about the outcomes of your favourite workshops!


Build it Green Lebanon 6, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2015

Building on the vast success of the previous “Build It Green-Lebanon” yearly conferences, e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team organized its 6th annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” on March 18th, 2014, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Environment.


Build it Green Lebanon 5, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2014

e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team organized the 5th annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” on March 19th, 2014.
The conference took place for the first time at the VOx cinemas of the Beirut City Centre (BCC) Mall, which achieved in December 2013 the LEED GOLD sustainability certification for green buildings, and is the 2nd building in Lebanon to be duly certified.


Build it Green Lebanon 4, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2013

The 4th annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” took place during two consecutive days on March 26th and 27th, 2013. Organized by e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team, the conference focused on Green Communities, with some interesting Case Studies about local eco-friendly buildings, including: the IC Elementary School which obtained the LEED Gold certicate (first LEED-certified project in Lebanon), and the eco-renovation of Casa Batroun which achieved the BREEAM Excellent rating (first BREEAM-certified project in the country and first Excellent rating in the Middle-East).


Build it Green Lebanon 3, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2012

e-EcoSolutions in partnership with the EcoConsulting team organized its 3rd annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” on March 28th, 2012. The conference took a unique scale by having an International Keynote address with the latest presentation on Climate Change by AL GORE.


Build it Green Lebanon 2, Beirut, Lebanon, March 2011

e-EcoSolutions partnered for the first time with the EcoConsulting team for the 2nd annual “Build It Green-Lebanon” on March 28th & 29th 2011. The conference was held over 2 days with a full range of eco-building conferences and technical workshops.


Code for Sustainable Homes CPD Seminar, London, April 2009

The Code for Sustainable Homes has entered into force on April 2007 and is transitionally replacing the EcoHomes scheme. Our Code for Sustainable Homes Seminar allows delegates to understand the Code requirements and the main differences between the Code and EcoHomes.


Understanding SAP - How to achieve a Code Level 3 and above

CPD Seminar, London, April 2009

Mandatory energy requirements were introduced to achieve each level of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Our SAP Seminar will present ways and strategies to meet energy requirements for Code Level 3 and above.


BREEAM 2008 Explored - Overview & Changes

CPD Seminar, London, April 2009

Some important changes have taken place in the BREEAM 2008 scheme, compared to previous versions. Notably, mandatory requirements have been introduced and a new “Outstanding” rating is now available. Our BREEAM Seminar will be covering those changes, and provide strategies to achieve Very Good BREEAM ratings and more.


Sustainable Development & Eco-Building Workshops, ALBA, Lebanon, July 2008

A full 3-day morning workshops was developed and held by EcoConsulting at MAJAL, the Academic Observatory for Construction and Reconstruction in Lebanon of ALBA University, covering Sustainable Development, Eco-building, Renewable Energies, Energy-efficiency, and Sustainable Transport.


New Part L CPD Seminar, London, April/May 2006

The new Part L has entered into force on April 6th, 2006, with a transitional period of no more than 12 months. Our New Part L CPD Seminar allows delegates to understand the new requirements of Part L and basic compliance methods. Requirements for new and existing dwellings and non-dwellings are covered.


Sustainable Development & Eco-Building Training, UK, 2006

An innovative CPD course "Sustainable Development & Eco-Building Training", suitable for all levels, has been designed to give local authorities, planners, and housing associations a complete and methodical understanding of sustainable development.


EcoHomes Conference, London, March 2005

EcoConsulting held on March 3rd, 2005 a seminar on "EcoHomes", organized by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) as its first Environmental Planning & Protection network event. The talk was followed by a lively debate, click here for a summary of the evening.


"Bâtir Ecologique" Conference, Paris, December 2004

EcoConsulting participated in "Bâtir Ecologique", the first exhibition organized in Paris dedicated to ecological construction and healthy buildings.

Our team presented BREEAM and EcoHomes certifications at the conference on Saturday, December 4th, 2004 and compared them to other European schemes in the debate on "Constructions et matériaux écologiques - normes et assurances" (Ecological materials and constructions -- norms and certifications).


The Cost-Savings Home Conference, Malta, April 2004

Find out more about our past conference in Malta, April 14th, on "Renewable & Efficient Energy: The Cost-Savings Home".


"Build it Green 8"

March 22nd, 2017
Beirut, Lebanon




"Eco-Design, Eco-Building & LEED Green Associate Training"


Beirut, Lebanon
Nov 2018



"Sustainable Development & Eco-Building Training"



"Renewable & Efficient Energy: The Cost-Savings Home"

Malta, April 14th, 2004

























































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