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3D daylighting simulations provide our clients with visual aids, showing them how to make the best use of natural day-lighting while avoiding excessive winter heat losses and summer heat gains. This is done by optimizing a building's glazed areas and selecting between different glazing alternatives.

Please contact us for further information on daylighting analysis or to provide us with more information about your development.


  Daylighting calculation

Our daylighting simulations allow for extremely precise readings of direct (or beam) and indirect (or diffuse) lighting. Daylighting calculations are also required for some of the Health & Well-Being credits in BREEAM, EcoHomes, and the Code for Sustainable Homes assessments.

Optimization of glazed area

By combining energy and daylight simulations, we can determine the optimum level of glazing that provides the maximum amount of light with minimum energy loss. The model can forecast daylight availability and direct solar illuminance on an hourly basis for any period of the year, and show exactly where direct and indirect light will enter.

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Did you Know?



In the Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes, one Health & Well-Being credit is obtained if, for a development, the average daylight factor for kitchens exceeds 2%, and another credit is achieved if the average daylight factor for living rooms, dining rooms, and study/office exceeds 1.5%.





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