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EcoConsulting can create, develop, and undertake full tailor-made presentations or events for your organization aiming to raise environmental awareness within the employees and management team.

The campaign would also communicate the company’s sustainability commitments, and explain the concrete measures being implemented as well as their importance.


The Environmental Awareness Campaign will be:

     •  Part of your Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Environmental Policy in educating and informing all stakeholders, investors, employees, and the local community about good green behaviour. Indeed, aware employees become advocates for “green practices” outside work and within their private circle.

A must for the success of the CEP implementation, since employees are the ones who will make any change happen through their daily behavior at work.   

Your Annual Corporate Event could also be fully customized by our creative team to accommodate the Environmental Awareness Campaign, in a fun and unforgettable way, that would create further social bonds between employees while making them acknowledge some important environmental principles and actions.

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