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Image Courtesy of International College








International College Elementary School - Beirut, Lebanon



International College



Flansburgh Architects, Boston, MA, USA
Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company, Beirut, Lebanon



International College
Bliss Street, Ras Beirut



The project consists of 3 interlinked school buildings of 3 to 5 floors each with a basement for parking facilities, totalling around 22,670m2. The three buildings are connected at ground floor and through the parking area. This new elementary school will house classrooms, music rooms, art rooms, science labs, workshop areas, offices, an auditorium/theatre, and two gymnasiums. The building complex will also house the central heating, cooling & power generating plants for the College.



The Client’s current aspiration is to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED Schools 2009 “Gold” certificate.

The IC Elementary
school is the first project in Lebanon to be certified according to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED sustainability scheme, and the 1st LEED for Schools certification in the country as well. The LEED “Gold” Certificate was awarded in March 2013.





We were appointed during design stage as the LEED Sustainability Consultants for the IC Elementary School.Our role throughout the design, tender, and construction stages is to advise on the sustainability features and steps required to ensure that the development is on track to meet the desired LEED Gold rating. 

We were thus continuously involved with the project managers, architects, engineers, and other specialist consultants and produce customized LEED reports summarising the status of the project in terms of sustainability credentials –providing guidance as to the type of actions, specifications, and supporting documents needed for a smooth LEED certification process.

Part of our responsibility entailed carrying out a dynamic thermal modelling analysis as well as daylighting simulations of the proposed buildings, in order to assist on the most cost-effective and suitable energy-efficiency solutions for the IC Elementary School –taking into account the local coastal Mediterranean climate. The aim is to lessen the buildings’ cooling load, as well as overall energy consumption, while maintaining comfortable thermal standards. A Measurement and Verification Plan is also being implemented in order to monitor energy usage. 

Additionally, given the nature of the project, particular importance was paid to creating a healthy indoor environment for the kids, through the promotion of low-emitting and nontoxic materials, paint, and finishes, as well as proper ventilation levels.

Did You Know?


The LEED 2009 version 3 introduces a Weighting criterion to reflect the importance of each sustainability category, taking into account a building’s usage and occupancy.

As such, more emphasis is given to Indoor Environmental Quality within LEED for Schools, considering that kids and children are more vulnerable to pollution and nuisance. Thus, more credits are available in this group, such as Low-Emitting Materials in Furniture and Furnishings; Low-Emitting Materials in Ceiling and Wall Systems; Mold Prevention; and Acoustical Performance.














































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