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Image courtesy of European Court of Auditors                                                                        


K3 European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg



European Court of Auditors



K3 Extension of the European Court of Auditors




The European Court of Auditors is an EU Institution which audits the EU finances. K3 is the latest expansion of European Court of Auditors and will be linked to the 2 previous phases, K2 and K1.

The building will mainly house offices, with an approximate floor area of 30,000m2.



To conduct a Design & Procurements Assessment and Post Construction Review to advise on how to achieve a BREEAM International / Europe 2008 ‘Very Good’ rating.



The Client required a sustainable, energy-efficient, and high quality building, in accordance with the most up-to-date European standards.


EcoConsulting was responsible for assisting the design team in working towards a BREEAM International “Very Good” or, if proven feasible and within budget, an “Excellent” rating. The project was specifically assessed under the BREEAM Europe Offices scheme, tailored for non-residential buildings in Europe.


Our team was in charge of reviewing current design and specifications and evaluating all the BREEAM credit requirements; and advising on the necessary design modifications and subsequent contractor & client commitments to ensure a maximum score is obtained.


Our involvement also required ensuring that the design team becomes aware of the BREEAM requirements and assessment process, since the scheme was newly introduced in Luxembourg. With our multi-cultural team, we worked in English, French, and German to interpret local regulations, EU directives, and project specifications, and consult on possible eco-friendly and energy-efficiency improvements.


The K3 European Court of Auditors achieved the Design & Procurement BREEAM VERY GOOD certification on the 29th of June 2011, and the Post-Construction Review BREEAM VERY GOOD certification on the 10th of December 2014. The certificate is available by clicking here.

Did You Know?


The BRE has customized its well-known BREEAM scheme to accommodate International projects. 


Projects within Europe can now be assessed under the BREEAM Europe evaluation method.


BREEAM Europe takes into account the country & location of the project, as well as the climate and  local Building Standards & Codes.






















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