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EcoConsulting is fully licensed under the NHER’s “Competent Person” scheme for Part L1A of the building regulations to conduct SAP Assessments (SAP 2005 and SAP 2001). In addition, we employ “On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessors” (OCDEA) to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

SAP 2005 ratings have become compulsory for all new dwellings to demonstrate compliance with the Part L1A, which entered into force on April 6th, 2006. In addition, EPCs now need to be incorporated into the Home Information Pack for all dwellings sold or let on the market. EPCs for newly constructed dwellings need to be produced via SAP assessments undertaken by specially trained and licensed OCDEAs, such as EcoConsulting.

Our licenses under the NHER as “Competent Persons” and OCDEAs fully meet the BRE’s requirements for quality-certified SAP calculations under the Code for Sustainable Homes, and its predecessor, EcoHomes.

Please contact us for further information or to submit a development's details for NHER or SAP assessments, or to produce EPCs.





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Fact Sheet 

A summary of the important aspects of Part L 2006 for new dwellings


What is a NHER rating?
NHER, the National Energy Home Rating, is the UK's largest energy rating scheme, and rates the average energy consumption of residential dwellings on a scale of 1.00 to 10.00 -- from poor to excellent.

The NHER rating takes into account the local environment and the effect it has on the building's energy rating. The methodology evaluates the energy usage and costs of:

    - space heating

    - water heating

    - cooking, lights, & appliances

The NHER can only be calculated using computer software as supplied by National Energy Services (NES).

What is a SAP rating?

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is the UK official assessment procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings, and is based on a scale of 1 to 100 -- from poor to excellent.


The SAP energy cost rating is a simplified version of the NHER model and is based on energy costs for space and water heating only. It is thus less accurate than a NHER rating.


Previous compliance with SAP 2001 was demonstrated through one of the 3 recognized methods by the Building Regulations 2002: Elemental, Target U-value, and Carbon Index methods.


Since April 2006, SAP 2005 is used for Part L1A 2006 compliance to calculate whether the annual CO2 emissions rate of the dwelling (DER) does not exceed the target set by reference to a notional building (TER). The Elemental, Target U-value, and Carbon Index methods will not be applicable anymore.


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EcoConsulting employs Registered Competent Person under the FAERO government approved scheme, and has licensed NHER and SAP assessors.

Did you Know?


The current SAP version is 'SAP2005' (version 9.80). SAP 2005 has entered into force on April 6,  2006 with the latest Part L revision.

Cavity wall insulation can reduce heat loss through walls by up to 60% and save households 70 - 100 each year on energy bills.

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