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UK planners are increasingly requiring sustainability and environmental features to be included within developments – as a Section 106 planning requirement.

EcoConsulting has experience in compliance with Section 106 sustainability requirements.

  Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allows a Local Planning Authority to enter into a legally-binding agreement or planning obligation, with a land developer over a related issue. The obligation is termed as a 'Section 106 Agreement'.

One frequent Section 106 requirement demanded by local authorities is a Code for Sustainable Homes or EcoHomes and/or BREEAM assessment, with a commitment to achieve a BRE rating of “Very Good” or “Excellent”, as means of constructing more environmentally-friendly homes, offices, and schools.

Another progressively more common Section 106 prerequisite is for the project to meet at least 10% of its heat and/or electricity demand through on-site renewable energy generation.

Also, some new projects may have trouble obtaining planning permission for various reasons, such as the nature of the proposed design. A pre-planning permission environmental report enhances the planning application by demonstrating a real commitment to sustainable construction.

> 10% Renewables

> BREEAM, EcoHomes, and the Code for Sustainable Homes

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Section 106 Agreements can act as a main instrument for placing restrictions on developers, often requiring them to minimise the impact on the local community and to carry out tasks which will provide community benefits.



Such agreements can cover almost any relevant community, sustainability, or environmental issue.



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