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EcoConsulting is an environmental consultancy specialized in eco-building. Our dedicated team works with clients, architects, and developers to improve the sustainability of their construction projects.

Following successful trainings and conferences in the UK, EcoConsulting has been regularly organizing a variety of Eco-Building and sustainability seminars in Lebanon, that can be taken either individually or as a complete series.

All 8 Seminars will enable you to have a solid understanding of sustainability, green buildings and, if you wish to, will train you for the LEED Green Associate (GA) accreditation.





“Eco-Building, Sustainability, & LEED Green Associate Training”

This innovative course, suitable for all levels, has been designed to give architects, engineers, developers, or any other construction professional a complete and methodical understanding of sustainable development in design and construction.

The Course
8 Seminars, each 2.5 to 3 hours, cover both theoretical concepts and practical applications on ways to minimize and mitigate the impacts of design and buildings on the natural environment, as well as enhance the health & well-being of buildings' occupants.

Alternatively, the modules can be undertaken individually or in any combination. Most eco-building design and techniques can be applied to all type of projects, whether residential, commercial, institutional, or other public buildings.


Case studies have also been integrated into the seminars program to enrich the course with practical examples of projects in Lebanon.

The Seminars (for more details please Click Here)

In addition to the regular presentations, we invite specialist professionals in the construction industry to intervene and present specific eco-friendly solutions or products -  during some of the sessions.


     Seminar 1 - Monday November 5th, 2018
      - Move towards Sustainable Development & Sustainable Construction
      - Introduction to Green Building Certifications

      - Overview of the NEEREA Loan
      - Case Studies: Yarze 1674 & EcoBkerzay

        (targeting BREEAM Very Good certificate, with NEEREA)

     Seminar 2 -
Tuesday November 6th, 2018
     - Bio-climatic Design in warm / hot countries

     Seminar 3 -
Wednesday November 7th, 2018

      - Sustainable Sites, Ecology & Land-use

      - Case Study: Casa Batroun (achieved BREEAM Excellent certificate) 

     Seminar 4 - Monday
November 12th, 2018
      - Energy-Efficiency – Lighting & HVAC

      - Case Study: Thermal Modeling
      - Introduction to Renewable Energies


    Seminar 5 - Tuesday November 13th, 2018
     - Choice of Materials & Waste Management

     - Introduction to Biomimicry - by theOtherDada

       This seminar is in collaboration with theOtherDada





     Seminar 6 - Wednesday November 14th, 2018
      - Introduction to Water Conservation

      - Case Studies: IC Elementary School & M1 Headquarters

         (achieved respectively the LEED Gold & LEED Platinum certificates)

     Seminar 7 -
Monday November 19th, 2018

      LEED GA Exam Preparation Session

      - Overview of LEED, the USGBC, and GBCI

      - LEED Green Associate exam preparation
      - LEED Green Associate Mock Exam


     Seminar 8 - Tuesday November 20th, 2018

      - Introduction to EcoDesign & Circular Economy

      - Criteria for ecodesign and examples

      - Interactive sustainability & EcoDesign games!

CPD Certificates
An individualized Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate will be issued by EcoConsulting for all seminar sessions attended.

Certificates of attendance can also contribute to the LEED GA or LEED AP Credentials Maintenance Program (CMP), or to demonstrate eligibility in order to register for the LEED GA exam.

Hosted by BDD: Beirut Digital District




    ROOM BDD1280

    Beirut Digital District
    Nassif El Yaziji Street, Bachoura District
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Tel: +961-1-660941

    Information available at:

    Click here for a Google Map link!



    Registration & Coffee: 5:15pm
    Seminar start: 5:30pm
    Seminar end: between 8pm and 8:30pm depending on each session

    All seminars include a 15-minute coffee / healthy snack break


To book or for more information, please contact EcoConsulting (Lebanon) at
01-971266 or


Places are limited and we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment!


Price per Person*

(excluding VAT)

Full series of seminars + LEED GA exam preparation

(8 sessions)



Full series of seminars

(7 sessions)



Selection of 4 Seminars:



Per Seminar:


Student Price:

$35*** per seminar


Excluding VAT @11%

** 20% discount available for collective booking of 3 or more people

*** Student places are limited to 6/session and accepted on a first come first served basis upon reception of payment





Clients Feedback


"Thank you for the great seminars that we had with EcoConsulting, as they tackled the major aspects of sustainability. It was really of a great benefit to our careers development, and we would definitely be looking forward for any new seminars in the near future"


"Thank you for the certificate & for the valuable training material. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with the EcoConsulting team and learn from your experiences"


"LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. All certified projects receive a LEED plaque, which is a recognized symbol demonstrating that a building is environmentally responsible and a healthy place to live and work.

There are both environmental and financial benefits to earning LEED certification."


US Green Building Council


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