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EcoConsulting conducts dynamic thermal modelling simulations of your project's design. We accurately predict energy consumption and solar heat gains,  and we work with the design team to optimise the building's envelope and systems performances.


Please contact us for further information on thermal modelling or to provide us with more information about your development.


Building Regulations - Part L - Approved Documents 2006



  Energy Consumption: Complex simulations from 3-D models allow precise predictions of internal and external heat gains and energy consumption, and calculations of the optimal required heating and cooling input. We advise on minimizing summer overheating as well as excessive winter heat losses.

Dynamic thermal modelling, using the CIBSE and DCLG-approved TAS Software, enable us  undertaking Part L2A Criterion 1 “Acceptable Building Emission Rate” as well as determining the number of achieved BREEAM credits for “Reduction of CO2 Emissions”: Energy (E1). If the initial predicted energy consumption results are not satisfactory, we advise on the most suitable improvements to achieve Part L2A as well as increase E1 credits.

Solar heat gain (also known as over-heating in summer): The models allow for extremely precise readings of direct (or beam) and indirect (or diffuse) lighting. Diffuse lighting is particularly important to accurately model solar heat gains, as it accounts for as much as 60% of the total heat gains in the summer.

Solar Heat gain calculations allow us to assess whether  BREEAM credit “Thermal Comfort”: Health & Wellbeing (HW14) is achieved, as well as compliance with Part L2A Criterion 3 “Summer-overheating”.

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Each degree Centigrade of additional heating consumes 7 to 10% more energy and fuel, thus the importance of well-insulated and air-tight constructions.










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