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The UK government has indicated that building regulations will be more stringent in the future, in terms of regulation and enforcement, particularly pertaining to Part L (conservation of fuel and power) requirements. The new building regulations have been published and entered into force in April 2006.

EcoConsulting has experience in meeting regulation, but also in exceeding current requirements and pre-empting future ones.


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L1A Fact Sheet 

A summary of the important aspects of Part L 2006 for new dwellings


The new Part L measures will deliver increased energy standards for new buildings, estimated at around 28% in non-dwellings, 22% in houses, and 18% in flats. On average, a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions per dwelling will be attained compared to a notional dwelling.

EcoConsulting assists clients’ projects in complying with Building Control’s most stringent energy and environmental demands. As a consultancy that specializes in cost-effective eco-building, we advise on practical and achievable energy-efficient solutions.

In addition to consulting on fulfilling Part L requirements, we conduct NHER-certified SAP assessments (for dwellings) and certified SBEM / TAS calculations (for non-dwellings), and undertake SAP or SBEM / TAS simulations to improve the energy rating of buildings and exceed regulations targets. We also offer Energy Performance Certificates both for dwellings and no-dwellings.

We also advise on designing an air tight envelope, to achieve compliance with air pressure leakage testing, which has become mandatory for all new constructions since April 6th, 2006.

> EU’s 2002 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Building Regulations - Part L  Approved Documents 2006



Each degree Centigrade of additional heating consumes 7 to 10% more energy and fuel, thus the importance of well-insulated and air-tight constructions.





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