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Curzon Park



Sub-consultant to Arup Midlands.
End Client: Curzon Park Ltd., a joint venture between Development Securities plc and Grainger plc.


130,000m2 proposed new build mixed-use development, consisting of commercial, residential, hotel, and retail areas.
The development will have an end value in excess of 350m


Curzon Street


Conduct BREEAM Offices Design & Procurement assessments on the commercial buildings and a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment on the residential blocks, and advise on achieving “Excellent” and “Level 3” sustainability ratings, respectively.



EcoConsulting was appointed as sub-consultants to Arup Midlands to ensure that all BREEAM and Code assessments of this development—throughout the 6-8 year design and construction phase—obtain “Excellent” or “Level 3” environmental and sustainability ratings.

We have been involved throughout the design phase of the project with regular meetings and communication with the project managers, architects, engineers, and other specialist consultants. We issued reports summarizing the status of the project in terms of sustainability credentials, advising on the future steps to ensure the development is on track to meet the desired rating levels, and providing guidance as to the type of actions and specifications needed, as well as the supporting documents to be produced.

Issues such as the choice of low-impact materials and insulation; day-lighting levels; energy-efficient heating, lighting, ventilation, and cooling systems; and the protection and enhancement of the ecological features of the site are of crucial importance to the success of this ongoing project.



To tackle climate change you don’t have to reduce your quality of life, but you do have to change the way you live


Ken Livingstone,

Mayor of London 2007


 (Foreword to the Mayor's Climate Change Action Plan, 2007)












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