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EcoConsulting provides eco-building advice to homeowners, architects, housing associations, and builders aimed at improving interior health and comfort, resource and energy efficiency, and environmental-friendliness.


We offer an integrated solution for the entire project by tailoring our suggestions to each development, taking into consideration how space will be used, what activities will take place, as well as budget and time constraints.



statutory legislation

of the UK:

Building Regulations 2006 for Conservation of Fuel and Power


A Holistic Approach
Our eco-building consultancy service targets the four inter-related aspects of bioclimatic design:

1)    Improve energy efficiency, resources use, and water consumption: Reduce utility bills and running expenses, by providing solutions tailored to each client's specific demands.
2)    Improve health standards inside houses and buildings:  Use natural materials wherever possible (e.g. natural paint vs. chemical paints).
3)    Improve comfort levels of residents and users: Increase quality of life and productivity levels, by providing spaces that are pleasant and relaxing.
4)    Improve the sustainable development of the construction industry:  Minimize the impact of the construction phase and of construction materials on the environment by using environmentally-friendly products.

EcoConsulting's goal is to minimize resource and energy use and waste without compromising current living standards. In fact, the aim is to make an interior space more comfortable, healthy, pleasant, practical, and eco-friendly than a traditional construction, and with a similar budget.


Types of Projects

- New Build

- Refurbishment

- Domestic

- Commercial & Retail

- Schools & Academies


Our eco-building design service can be complementary to BREEAM, EcoHomes, and the Code for Sustainable Homes certifications, and we assist our clients to achieve "Very Good" or "Excellent" ratings.

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Energy efficient light bulbs have a yearly rate of return of 44%.

The rate of return on a typical savings account does not exceed 1.50%.


Areas of

eco-building intervention


Comfort & Well-Being
-  Cooling
-  Cost-effectiveness
-  Ecology & Land use
-  Electricity
-  Environmental potential
-  Health
-  Heating
-  Lighting
-  Materials toxicity

-  Resources minimization

-  Ventilation
-  Water consumption

-  Water conservation
-  Waste reduction








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