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A variety of grants and loans are available nationally or regionally for environmentally-sound, energy-efficient, and renewable energy products. EcoConsulting advises on the accessibility and eligibility of those grants and loans, and helps interested clients in the application process.

Please contact us for further information on the type of grant or loan you are looking for.



Carbon Footprint Analysis


Some of the Carbon Footprint (CF) analyses which our team has undertaken are briefly described below. Do not hesitate to contact our team for further information or to undertake a CF analysis.
As part of a full campus “greening” project conducted by Yelloblue, EcoConsulting was sub-contracted in 2013 to carry out a detailed CF analysis of the Notre Dame University (NDU) campus in Lebanon. The aim was to measure and outline the major contributors to NDU’s baseline operational CF, which in turn would allow the NDU to evaluate, reduce, and monitor their future energy usage and GHG emissions mitigation efforts. The results demonstrated that the lack of a good level of public transportation in the country made this category the highest GHG emissions contributor and generated CF (45%) followed by the type of energy sources used to power, heat, and cool the university (43%).

EcoConsulting also undertook the CF analysis of the Queen’s Birthday Party, a 4-hour event organized in May 2013 by the British Embassy in Lebanon. The results confirmed that catering (80%) followed by transportation (15%) had the highest share in the generated GHG. Following our CF estimations of the event’s activities, the British Embassy subsequently organized a corporate event and planted 320 trees in the fall of 2013, during the most favourable planting season, to offset the event’s associated CO2 emissions and succeed in organizing a Carbon Neutral party.

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Did You Know?


The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) is the technical consultant to the Lebanese Central Bank, reviewing loan applications, and setting quality control criteria. Since 2013, mandatory template reports issued by LCEC are to be used by potential beneficiaries in preparing their NEEREA loan applications.















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