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Image courtesy of DAGHER, HANNA & PARTNERS architects sarl

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"Green is the new Black"


Environmentally-friendly buildings are finally coming to Lebanon



Aďshti Magazine


June-July 2009





"Nouveau projet - La Brocéliande"


Commerce du Levant


May 2009




Résidences La Brocéliande - Lebanon



Greenstone Real Estate Developers S.A.L.



Dagher, Hanna & Partners architects sarl



Yarzé, Lebanon



The Résidences La Brocéliande is a high-end residential project located in the Lebanese mountains. The 4-storey building comprises approximately 1,400m2 of internal floor areas, and about 600m2 of private garden.



To conduct a Design & Procurement Assessment and Post Construction Review, and consult on obtaining a BREEAM International Bespoke 2008 ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ rating.
The project was the 1st project registered for BREEAM in Lebanon, and the 1st registered BREEAM International Bespoke in the world for a residential building.

It achieved a BREEAM D&P “Very Good” rating in November 2012, and a BREEAM PCR “Pass” rating in January 2015.


The Client aims to integrate high sustainability and energy-efficiency features into the project, in order to lessen its environmental impact and enhance living quality and comfort for its occupants. A BREEAM certification is sought to provide credible third-party attestation of the project’s sustainability.

EcoConsulting has been appointed as the BREEAM assessor for Résidences La Brocéliande, and is assisting the Client and design team in working towards a BREEAM “Good” or, if proven feasible and within budget, a “Very Good” rating.

The project will be evaluated under the BREEAM International Bespoke scheme, and the sustainability requirements will be specifically tailored by the BRE for a residential project in Lebanon. As such, EcoConsulting also acts as the local consultant and liaises with the BRE to advise on the local climate, standards, regulations, and construction practices, in order to customize requirements accordingly.

Our team is in charge of reviewing the project design and specifications, evaluating the applicability of all BREEAM criteria, and recommending any necessary design modifications and subsequent contractor & client commitments to ensure a maximum score is obtained.

Our involvement also requires ensuring that the design team becomes aware of the BREEAM requirements and assessment process, since the project is the first BREEAM in Lebanon. With our multi-cultural team, we are working in English, French, and Arabic to interpret local regulations and standards, project specifications, and consult on likely eco-friendly and energy-efficient improvements.

Did You Know?


The BRE has customized its well-known BREEAM scheme to accommodate International projects. 


Projects within Europe can now be assessed under the BREEAM Europe evaluation method.


Projects situated in the Gulf region are evaluated under the new BREEAM Gulf scheme.


All other international projects fall under the BREEAM International Bespoke scheme. With BREEAM International Bespoke, the criteria  and requirements are tailored by the BRE on a case-by-case basis to take into account the country and location of the project, as well as the climate and  local Building Standards & Codes.













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