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EcoConsulting has a solid base of over 500 projects in the housing, educational, commercial, and industrial sectors. We have been advising on improving the energy-efficiency and sustainability credentials of individual houses to £100-million developments.

We employ fully qualified Low Carbon Consultants, Part L1 & L2 "Competent Persons", NHER, BREEAM, EcoHomes, Code, and LEED assessors; these licenses demonstrate our expertise and enhance our credibility through internationally recognised labels of quality.



Featured Projects

The following lists some of the main projects we have worked / are working on.


Special Projects

Hanham Hall – Zero Carbon Challenge


Milton Court


> Crayford Town Centre, Crayford, UK

> Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate, UK


International Projects



Beirut City Centre Mall






International College Elementary School



K3 extension of European Court of Auditors


La Brocéliande


M1 Building



Printing Press



Academies & Schools

John Madejski Academy

Leigh Technology Academy


> Barnet Schools - Parkfield, Hyde, Underhill, Barnet, UK

> Blenheim High School, Blenheim, UK

> Chichester & Brinsbury Campuses, Chichester College, West Sussex, UK

> Grace Academy Coventry, Coventry, UK

> Khalsa Va Primary School, Southhall, UK

> Oak Farm School, Hillingdon, UK

> Thamesview School, Gravesend, UK

> Tideway Community College, Newhaven, UK

> St Teresas School, Dorking, UK


Commercial Buildings & Offices

Curzon Park

Tri-Sail Towers



> Great Sutton Street, London, UK

> Kensal Stable Block, London, UK

> Lucy's Site, Block C Eagle Works, Oxford, UK

> Newbury Business Park, Newbury, UK

> Papyrus Road, Peterborough, UK

> Project Campus, Birmingham, UK


Industrial Buildings

> Didsbury iCO Units 1, 2, 3, 4, &5, Manchester, UK

> Harts Farm, Havant, Hampshire, UK

> Skyline 120, Braintree, Essex, UK

> Springfield Business Park, Springfield, UK

> Urban Hives, Hackney, UK


Residential Buildings & Houses

Pelican House

Tesco Metro & Residential


> Falcon Works, London, UK

> Crosby Row, London, UK



"Dear EcoConsulting family,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts, support, contribution and professionalism during the past years.
It was not an easy journey; however, the expected outcome is more than rewarding.
We feel very proud of our achievement all thanks to you.
We will celebrate hopefully in January 2019 once we receive our LEED Gold certificate.
Until then, I wish you all the best.


Imad Ladkani

Ladkani Office Solutions S.A.L.




"Thank you for everything, for your help and contribution in our event.
The feedback related to the presentation was excellent!
Our experience with you, the feedback and the results related to IOEC are excellent too!
I wish you all the best and hope that excellence will always be waiting for you at each milestone.
Many many thanks again and best regards,"


Youssef Nour

nabil gholam architects



"Thank you for the great seminars that we had with EcoConsulting, as they tackled the major aspects of sustainability, it was really of a great benefit to our careers development, and we would definitely be looking forward for any new seminars in the near future"


Samer Farah

SETS International





"Very impressive knowledge of cutting edge concepts in energy efficiency. EcoConsulting  facilitated energy regulatory compliance"


Jason Birakos

City Space Developments





"I'd like to say many thanks for all of your help in achieving the required Very Good rating"


Richard B. Tranter

Design Manager
John Madejski Academy

Costain Group





 Energy Efficiency    at Work


 ... 10 Easy Tips ...


1. 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it'.
Check regularly on your consumption of electricity, gas and oil

2. Switch off lights in empty rooms
Turn off lights in empty rooms and corridors - especially at the end of the day. This can save up to 15% of your energy bill.

3. Keep windows closed in cold weather
If staff are too warm, turn the heating down instead.

4. Use just the light you need
Lights too bright in corridors? Remove or switch off alternate fittings.

5. Use daylight
It's free - so keep windows and skylights clean and clear.

6. Clean light fittings annually
Dirt reduces lighting efficiency, encouraging people to switch more lights on.

7. Too hot?
Set the thermostat at 19° - costs rise by 8% for every 1° increase.

8. Don't heat unused space
Storerooms, corridors and areas where there's heavy physical work can be set to lower temperatures. Reduce heating during holidays and weekends.

9. Thermostats
Check that thermostats are sited out of draughts and away from either cold or hot spots.

10. Keep radiators clear
Don't block radiators with furniture -it reduces efficiency and output.































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