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As the UK government and local authorities tighten the environmental and energy requirements for new developments, EcoConsulting advises on bolstering the planning applications of clients by demonstrating a real commitment to sustainable construction.


> Energy Efficiency - the Government's Plan for Action

> Strategy for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to 2010



Many new projects have trouble obtaining planning permission due to the size of the development or the nature of the proposed design. Our consultants can compose an environmental and energy report to complement the planning application, clearly outlining the different eco-friendly features that will be incorporated in the construction, as well as describing their ecological and social benefits.

Additionally, we conduct sustainability simulations based on BRE’s BREEAM, EcoHomes, and the Code for Sustainable Homes schemes, providing alternative scenarios of sustainable design and ecological solutions to the builder. To date, we have an excellent track record of facilitating the planning application process.

> Complying with Building Regulations


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is 25% to 40% more efficient than conventional heating and power sources.



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