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Image courtesy of BMD Architects



Tesco Metro & Residential



BMD Architects.



104 dwellings of a new residential building above a Tesco retail supermarket.



Tesco Metro & Residential Scheme

Clapham Common, London, SW12




Demonstrate compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L: Conservation of Fuel and Power in Residential Dwellings.



EcoConsulting was appointed to carry out the SAP energy ratings and the EcoHomes assessment of a 104-unit residential new built.

Our consultants conducted the SAP assessments, and all of the penthouse flats were failing Part L Building Regulations in the initial analysis. We had to re-assess a variety of different options in order to find, flat by flat, a viable solution to achieve compliance. This proved difficult given that the development was almost completely built, and given the client’s budgetary constraints and planning approval. Indeed, given that the planning approval had already been obtained, the design could not significantly change without having to ask for another planning permission, which was unrealistic at this stage in the development.

We evaluated various alternatives and combined different options to achieve Part L compliance, including: increased insulation, additional water tank insulation, installing a geothermal heat pump, installing solar hot water panels, improving glazing u-value performance, and replacing the glazed curtain walling with filled-in and insulated panels. We also advised on the cost implications of each alternative seeking quotes from manufacturers where requested.

The final solution combined replacing part of the glazed curtain walling with solid panels to improve the overall u-value of the wall, additional roof insulation, and the installation of air-to-air heat pumps in the livable areas (i.e. living rooms and bedrooms).



According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend on average 90% of their time indoors where the levels of pollutants may run two to five times -- and occasionally more than 100 times -- higher than outdoor levels.


Thus, the provision of proper ventilation measures is crucial for healthy buildings.







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