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The environment is commonly misconstrued and narrowed down to nature conservation, specifically saving trees. Environmentalists are stereotyped as fanatics—who wear beards, sandals, or hippy skirts, and possibly all of the above—who we see chaining themselves to trees in the Amazon forest or boarding an oil-rig to protest against the destruction of nature in the name of corporate profit...

Redefining words
The environment is not just nature conservation, and even less just trees. The environment is everything that surrounds us. It is the earth, cement, or concrete that we walk on, it is the habitats we live, learn, and work in, and it is the air, whether clean or not, that we breathe. Literally everything that we see, smell, touch, taste, and hear, came from nature at one given time.
Man and Nature
Over time, mankind has processed, used, and refined natural elements so as to best meet their needs, using processes which are more and more complex and sophisticated. However a number of these practices, in fact most, have in some way, shape, or form, an environmental impact.



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Air-conditioning systems represent the greatest source of climate change gases due to a single technology.

In the USA, which has only 4% of the of the world’s population and yet produces around 25% of the global CO2 annually, over 40% of electricity generated is used in air-conditioning systems.


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